Class starts in May, but due to capacity enrollment can close at any moment...

Goal: To scale your current business to 6, 7, 8-figures and beyond or to make $302,000 a year with just 10 clients.

How: Use A.I. and social media to deliver customers to your businesss or to other small businesses and get paid for it (100% flexible and remote). 

Press play to see what you'll be doing with me and my team for 16 weeks...

Our Offer: Work directly with my team and I for 16-weeks to help you launch your A.I. Powered Advertising Agency or internal A.I. Powered Marketing Funnels for your business.

Requirements: A laptop and internet (no tech skills or previous experience needed).

Investment: One payment of $6,500 or 36 payments of $275 ($9,900).

Guarantee: Absolutely nothing. This is not a get-rich-scheme or MLM. Like Harvard Law trains attorneys, we train “Marketing Geneiuses”. Neither of us promise employment or income, but upon completion, you will have a skill set that every business owner needs and current businesses are actively looking to hire.

For example, these are actual postings:

Sources: Indeed and Linkedin

To give you an idea of how many marketing jobs there are simply on LinkedIn...

And I’ll show you how to get artificial intelligence to do almost all of the time-consuming and techy stuff for you. Sounds too good to be true? 

Here’s a few quotes from some of the most powerful CEOs in the world and their thoughts on how big the A.I. opportunity is…

Clearly you’re on “the right page at the right time”, but what makes this a once-in-a-generation opportunity is THE DEMAND!!!

Like selling… 

Water bottles to someone stranded in the desert.

Or life jackets on a sinking ship.

Businesses want to pay people to deliver them customers.

So they can avoid all the “-ings”: Cold call-ing. Door knock-ing. Network-ing. Chas-ing. Begg-ing. Post-ing.

They’d rather just be pay-ing someone. That should be you!

It’s time for you to join our community of “Marketing Geneiuses”

Our current students and alumni consist of business owners, professional marketers, complete beginners, superbowl champs, stay-at-home moms and dads, doctors, attorneys, reformed inmates, veterans, retirees, 6-, 7-, 8-, 9-figure entrepreneurs, and even a few kickass kidpreneurs (as young as 13). In summary, some of the brightest and most diverse minds on the planet, who will start as classmates and end up as family.

Here’s what they had to say about you joining us…

And in case this is your first time meeting us, here’s some good to know facts about me and my team: 

- We've worked with some of the largest franchises in the world including Orangetheory, Massage Envy, Crunch Fitness, Corepower Yoga, European Wax Center, Club Pilates, Dave & Buster's, and Kia Motors.

- We've helped, collaborated with, or interviewed most of the top entrepreneurs you follow.

- Our advertisements have been seen over 1 Billion times.

- What we create and teach changes lives. Our impact to over 175,000 students in 75 countries has us ranked on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company 3 Years in a Row, nominated for San Diego Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young, ranked #129 for the Entrepreneur 360 Award, and Tony Robbins Impact Award Recipient.

- We're partners with the co-founders of HighLevel, a software company that is worth almost a billion dollars and services over 182,000 small businesses.

- Nearly 1,000 5-star reviews.

- We're a small but mighty team with an office in San Diego and a mission to change more lives. We can't wait to support you (warning: we're huggers)!

The massive opportunity:

Watch the video below and become the next graduate of Billy Gene's "A.I. Powered Advertising Agency Accelerator"

The massive opportunity:

Watch the video below:



Business owner, social media advertiser, and Chief Marketing Officer at Billy Gene Is Marketing, Hector’s experience ranges from start-up entrepreneur to team lead. 
Throughout his 8 year journey Hector has...

  • Started and built a business that’s generated over 450k selling music production courses and counting.

  • ​Managed between $250,000 - $500,000 in advertising spend a month while generating a profit.

  • ​Created over 5,000 campaigns across Facebook and Google.

  • And has over 432 coaching sessions under his belt with a 5-star rating.



As part of the BGIM internal Marketing Team, Jordan prides herself on eating "advertising" for breakfast and winning the first ever BGIM awards for "Geneius Of The Year" & "Most Likely To Murder Someone If They Take Her Food".
Over the past 6 years, she has...

  • Managed hundreds of our clients & millions of dollars in advertising spend for OrangeTheory, Massage Envy, and Kia Motors to name a few.

  • ​Helped build nearly every single funnel we've ever created to generate leads and sales.

  • Taught thousands of our students how to successfully set up and run Facebook and Instagram ads.



She's a ray of sunshine, cat mom, and one of the smartest ladies you'll ever meet! 
Over almost the past 6 years, she's...

  • Created thousands of Facebook and Instagram ads for our internal Marketing team and some of the largest franchises in the world.

  • Changed the lives and businesses of thousands of our students.

  • And built almost every course in the Billy Gene Is Marketing library.



After graduating as one of our top students, managing her own clients, and 1 year of Billy asking her to "just come and work here already", Jacinda FINALLY agreed to join our family in 2020!

Over the past 5 years, she went from being one of our youngest students ever to go through The “Geneius Process”...

  • To the marketer we brought in to collaborate on special projects.

  • To the writer Billy hand-picked to help create 2 of his books.

  • To the member of our team sending billions of emails to entrepreneurs across the world.


dedicated to making sure you stay on track to get certified and graduate

Keri Ortiz

Student Success Concierge

After 4+ years of Quality Assurance Keri was hand selected by Billy Gene to help advocate for students of the "Certified Advertising Geneius" Program. She spends a lot of time watching crime shows, so stay on her good side when completing your assignments 😉 

  • Built our internal Quality Assurance Department from the ground up that is largely responsible for providing an excellent customer service experience to our community. 

  • Has guided hundreds of students to successfully complete our Certification program.

  • Is a master at building relationships with our community to keep them connected & embrace their path to finding success.


Student Success SPECIALIST

As part of the BGIM Student Success Team, Carren works daily with our students and provides world-class customer service. She was targeted by an ad on Facebook about potentially working at BGIM back in 2017, and got the job, so she'll be the first to tell you that Facebook Ads DO work!

  • Helped create and build the Customer Service and Student Success Department, which speaks volumes considering the hundreds of 5-star reviews we have on Google.

  • Maintains our student portals and ensures that any student who has a question gets help immediately and a solution asap.

  • Is one of the longest employed members here at Billy Gene Is Marketing and knows the ins and outs of how we operate as good as anyone else (don't hesitate to ask her anything)!


so we can celebrate your hard-work and sacrifice

You're officially a "Geneius".

  • Commencement speech by special guests - Previous guests include multi-millionaire mindset and behavior expert John Assaraf & legendary motivational speaker Les Brown

  • ​Create long-lasting relationships - Business and maybe personal ;)

  • Entertainment - We make fun a priority

  • ​Last but not least we’re going to present you with your “Geneius” Certificate

this might be our first time meeting online & you might feel a little skeptical...



Advertisers Desperately Needed!

  •  400 million small businesses around the world

  • Over 1.1 trillion websites globally

  • 4.66 billion potential customers online spending 2 hours on social media daily



Because they're doing all the wrong "INGS":

  • Network-ing with people they don't like

  • ​Send-ing awkward emails or messages to strangers

  • ​Discount-ing for friends and family

  • ​​Cold call-ing that's embarrassing and uncomfortable

  • ​​Pray-ing someone is going to send them a referral

They're starv-ing for customers and will-ing to pay an advertising "Geneius" to get them. 

That advertising "Geneius" can be you!

Look at these numbers...

  • ​Google - $146.92 Billion

  • ​Facebook - $84.2 Billion

  • Twitter - $2.99 Billion

A lot of advertising dollars, a lot less advertisers.

Want us to teach you how to become one?



Want the benefits of entrepreneurship without the risk, responsibility, and really long hours?

Become an Advertising Geneius.


Want to stop depending on inconsistent sales from word-of-mouth, referrals, or “organic marketing”?

Become an Advertising Geneius.


Want to give up a 40 hour work week to work 80 hours, take a huge financial risk, but have a massive impact and a ton of fun doing it?

Become an Advertising Geneius.

Start date: January 2nd, 2024

Make this your 2024 marketing plan. Lock it in asap because this will hit capacity well before the new year.